Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

If you can send a clear photo of the dent by email or text message, we can give you a rough estimate for repair. But because there are so many variables which determine cost and repair time ( ie size, depth, sharpness, and location),
it's impossible to give a solid estimate . For this, the best thing is to make an appointment for a free estimate.

Pricing guidelines:
Our minimum repair cost is $75.00 (easily accessible, dime to nickel size dent without creasing. Depth and sharpness needs to be considered.)

Multi-dent discounts apply to multiple dents on the same panel. (Usually $25-30 per additional dime to nickle size dent on the same panel.)

A large dent with sharp creasing and or hard to access areas can run up to $595.00. This is typically our maximum charge for one dent. If the damage should exceed that price, we suggest you take it to a conventional body shop. (Replacement/repainting) 

What about a warranty?
Dent Clinic provides a written guarantee. We guarantee our workmanship, and that the paint will not be harmed. We warrant the repair for as long as you own the vehicle. This is the longest warranty in the industry.


Just give us a call at 303-781-1075

to schedule your FREE estimate.

Or come on by Monday–Friday 8 A.M. - 5 P.M.

Some Saturday afternoon 

appointments also available.

To give an accurate  estimate without first seeing the damage, is simply not possible. This especially applies to hail damage. But not to worry! Just schedule a time to come by for a 5-10 

minute estimate, or...

Text us pics of your non-hail related damage at 303.242.6667 , or email us at dentclinicpdr@gmail.com

for a general idea on pricing

and availability.