Why choose the Dent Clinic?

Tyson James Herchak

    Jim Stephen Herchak

  KNOWLEDGE (of the medium)

Like everything else, metal is governed by an unwavering set of natural laws. Ex; Pressure not only moves metal, but also causes a reaction of expansion or contraction on a molecular level.

Without the proper handling, these molecules can easily be overstretched, which always introduces 

a much worse situation (just think about stretching out your 

favorite piece of clothing in all the wrong places, and  you'll have a pretty good picture). This mishandling can also result in your 

vehicles factory finish being compromised.

Before ever putting our hands to a vehicle we evaluate many factors,  including how the damage likely occurred. This aids us to undo the damage in the order that it occurred, leading to the best possible end- result all while preserving your finish. 


Inside of this small father-son business lies over 40 years of experience. In this time, we have sharpened one another and pushing the boundary of  what was thought possible in our field, blurring the line between "PDR"  and conventional bodywork. 

This has resulted in creating a form of metal manipulation so  advanced that damage can rightly be viewed as having not just been  'repaired', but altogether removed from the vehicle.

  PRIDE (the good kind)

This one doesn't take a lot of explaining. We take serious 

pride in the  repair of every vehicle that comes into 

our shop, and sleep much better knowing that our customer reactions lie somewhere between satisfied,

and elated.

And we love our sleep.



The Dent Clinic 

began in September of 1993,Englewood, CO.

Since then, many other local dent repair companies have come and gone. We have stayed around, in part, due to our loyal customer base and the power of word-of-mouth.

Experience our quality for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

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